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  • Best Rum Cocktail Recipes

    Rum is a really versatile spirit for cocktails and an essential for the summer months! Here are some of our favourite, and easy to prepare, rum cocktail recipes to try during your summer 2021 staycation.

  • It's a Gin Ting!

    The Gin Ting and Rum Ting range is one of our favourites for adding full on natural fruit flavour to gin and rum cocktails. Here are three of our best Gin Ting and Rum Ting cocktail recipes to try. Plus, get 25% off in our winter sale. 

  • ‘Don Pancho’ - The Godfather of Rum

    With 2020 seeing the popularity of premium rums grow with consumers, John Anderson reflects on the heritage of the rums being produced by Francisco ‘Don Pancho’ Fernandez, the greatest Ronero, and man behind Crooked Eye rums. 
  • Best Cherry Rum Cocktails to Enjoy this Summer

    Crooked Eye Spiced Cherry Rum is perfect to enjoy as the base of a refreshing cherry rum cocktail. Here are four of our favourite cocktail recipes to enjoy this summer...