Frequently Asked Questions

For questions regarding delivery, please see the delivery page.

For questions regarding returns, please see our terms & conditions.

Q) Do you provide next day delivery?
A) No, we aim to get your order to you within 72 hours.*

Q) Does my bottle arrive in a box?
A) Unless specifically stated, your bottle will not arrive in a gift box or tube. It will come packaged in appropriate packaging to ensure its safe arrival through the courier network.

Q) When will out of stock items be available again?
A) As soon as we are able to buy them at the right price. If we cannot buy a certain product at a price we feel is fair for you to pay, we will not refresh the stock. We receive deliveries 6 days a week, so if an item is available in the market place for us to buy, rest assured, it is on its way.

Q) Do you offer discount for bulk purchases? 
A) That depends on the product and the quantity. If you are looking for a one off purchase of a specific product for a special occasion for example, please contact us. 

Q) Do you sell to wholesalers?
A) If you are looking for a trading relationship, we would be delighted to put you in touch with some good friends of ours who are better suited to helping with that.