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Robinsons Old Tom Original Ale 12 x 330 ml Bottles

Robinsons Old Tom Original Ale 12 x 330 ml Bottles

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Robinsons Old Tom Original strong craft Ale.

The best things in life improve with age... Good wine, friendships and, of course, Old Tom; which celebrates its 120th birthday in 2020.

Dubbed 'The original craft beer', this dangerously drinkable legend has been in the family since 1899, when Tom, the old brewery cat, was sketched into immortality by Robinsons’ Head Brewer as he waited for the ale to ferment. 120 years on and it's still the same great tasting ale, brewed to the same award-winning recipe.

Old Tom is one of the most famous strong ales in beer history and it's not just 8 out of 10 who agree. A firm favourite with traditional drinkers, craft enthusiasts, and beer judges alike, Old Tom has won the industry’s most prestigious awards; including World’s Best Ale, World’s Best Design, and Champion Winter Beer of Britain.

Rich, malty, and warming, Old Tom has a distinctive deep port wine finish, with bitter hops balanced by the heady aromas of dark fruit.

This pack includes 12x330ml bottles.