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Bats Blood Merlot 75cl

Bats Blood Merlot 75cl

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Direct from the Master's Vineyard in Transylvania, we are delighted to have secured this award winning Bats Blood Merlot, created by well-respected winemaker, Hartley Smithers. 

Bats Blood Merlot is grown, produced, and bottled at Cramele Recas, not far from the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. This award winning Merlot is full of the ripe dark fruit flavours of damsons and loganberries. The lingering vanilla of the finish, with ripe tannins, creates a velvety smooth mouthfeel. Incredibly moreish, Bats Blood Merlot pairs perfectly with red meats.

One of our favourites, Bats Blood Merlot is a great wine all year round, but perfect for winter evenings. Full of dark fruit flavours and vanilla, and lusciously smooth. This merlot is delicious, and one of our best selling wines.

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Try the fantastic Umbrele Merlot and Lautarul Pinot Noir, made at the same Cramele Recas Winery that produces Bats Blood Merlot.

13.5% abv 75cl

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