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Sicilian Sizzlers - Three of Sicily’s Best Wines

Sicilian wines can sometimes be overlooked, however, Sicily boasts some of Europe’s most dynamic wines. In this article we will review three of Sicily's best grapes.

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As the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily has a long history producing citrus fruits, olives, grains, and grapes. The Greeks introduced advanced viticulture techniques to Sicily, but Sicilians have been making wine since 4000 BC.

The dry, warm climate, with high levels of sunlight and moderate rainfall is perfect for growing grapes. In the past, heritage regions like Marsala put Sicily on the map. Today, Sicily produces some of the most important labels in Italy.

Nero d'Avola

Nero d’Avola

The most celebrated grape native to Sicily is Nero d’Avola. Typically these wines enjoy a deep dark colour, with bramble flavours, which are complimented by a touch of spice. Regularly compared to New World Shiraz, young Nero d’Avola is easy drinking.

Older vines, and more aged bottles are typically more complex and introspective.

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Grillo is one of the grapes used in the base of Marsala. When bottled alone as a still wine, Grillo is a medium-dry white with bags of character. Fresh, light, and lively with flavours of green apple and citrus lemon, Grillo is a fantastic wine for the summer.

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Vermentino is a complex white wine with typically a pale straw colour. An aromatic grape with citrus nose and green apple crispness on the palate. Usually a medium bodied wine with a refreshing balance of acidity and sweetness.

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