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September's Award Winning Gin of the Month


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Given the association of the G&T with the Indian sub-continent, it seems ridiculous that it has taken so long for India to start utilising its own botanicals to create and export gin. However, Nao Spirits have now done just that. We are very pleased to be able to offer both their brands, Greater Than and Hapusa Gin, on Drinks Aisle.

Hapusa Himalayan Gin comes in at 40% abv and features juniper from the Himalayas and botanicals foraged from around India, including turmeric, mango, cardamom, coriander seeds, gondhoraj limes, and almonds. Recently crowned with a double gold SIP Award, we are proud to offer this as our first gin of the month.

The first note when you open the bottle is juniper – which is exactly as it should be as the word Hapusa translates as juniper from Sanskrit. The juniper scent is heady and quite potent. The first flavours which develop are from the citrus family. The lime is bright and fresh whilst the coriander provides a level of depth. The finish is all about the warming aromats of ginger and cardamom.

I first tried Hapusa with Indian tonic as I thought this was the obvious companion. After some thought I would actually recommend a light tonic as it allows the botanicals the chance to shine. A citrus garnish seems like the most reasonable accompaniment. I went with a twist of orange zest and a few black peppercorns.

However, if you really wanted to go off-piste with this gin, I am going to suggest something which might seem random - ginger ale, coriander leaves, and a chunk of fresh pineapple. I know this seems bonkers as a serving suggestion for what is an elegant high-end gin, but it really works. The botanicals in the gin are reflected in the mixer and garnish, whilst the pineapple offsets the citrus character of the gin beautifully.


Shop now to get these limited availability gins before they're all gone!

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Why not take a look at our other fabulous craft gins.

By Rick Stansfield

Rick is a highly experienced bar tender and National E-Commerce Manager for the Deckers Hospitality Group. With 18 years experience serving behind bars in restaurants, hotels, and function spaces, plus extensive experience with mixology, Rick provides the cocktail and serving suggestion expertise here at Drinks Aisle.

Rick is known for his appreciation of working with the best quality ingredients to create the perfect balance in terms of flavours and alcohol in every cocktail he makes.