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10 Best Gin Gifts Christmas 2020

2020 may well be a year many of us would like to forget but, before we close that door, it might be nice to celebrate with a socially distant gin or two.

As such, we thought we would draw together a list of our 10 best gins to gift to your nearest and dearest this Christmas. We have selected some of our favourites that are not the usual big high street brands. These are niche gins and in some cases a little unusual.

1. Best Gin Liqueur
Faith & Sons Chocolate & Orange Gin Liqueur - £19.99

Faith & Sons Chocolate & Orange Gin Liqueur

The only gin liqueur to make this list, and for a very good reason. This is unlike any other gin liqueur we have ever tried. Thick, luscious, and luxurious, Faith & Sons Chocolate & Orange Gin Liqueur makes the perfect Christmas gift for the serious gin or chocolate lover!

Buy Faith & Sons Chocolate & Orange Gin Liqueur - £19.99

2. Best Aromatic Gin
Huckleberry Gin - £28.49

Huckleberry Gin

This wonderfully soft and fragrant gin is made in Germany with aromatic Huckleberries. The blueberry flavour of this gin is simply delicious!

Buy Huckleberry Gin - £28.49 (SOLD OUT)

3. Best London Dry Gin
Slingsby London Dry Gin - £29.99 (was £32.99)

Slinsgby London Dry Gin

Rosemary, sage and lovage, and sweet cicely are distilled with Harrogate’s Tewit Well water for a refined celebration of citrus and juniper.

With a citrus scent with lots of juniper, we recommend a light tonic to best show off the natural elegance of this London dry gin.

Buy Slingsby London Dry Gin - £29.99 (was £32.99)

4. Best Pink Gin
Tower Bridge Organic Wild Berry Gin - £19.99 (was £22.99)

Tower Bridge Organic Wild Berry Gin

Tower Bridge Organic Wild Berry Gin provides a dry fruity wild berry flavour combined with the traditional botanicals of a classic London dry. 

With no artificial flavours or sweeteners, this pink gin has premium body, aroma, and taste at a great price.

Buy Tower Bridge Organic Wild Berry Gin - £19.99 (was £22.99) - SOLD OUT

5. Best Premium Gin
Monkey 47 Gin - £35.99

Monkey 47 Gin

Given the name, it’s not surprising that there are 47 different botanicals that go into this rich complex Black Forest gin.

This premium gin has light citrus with stone fruit flavours and a warm lengthy finish with spice notes coming through.

Buy Monkey 47 Gin - £35.99 

6. Best Gin to Drink on the Rocks
Pigeon Fishers Naked London Dry Gin - £25.00 (was £35.00)

Pigeon Fishers Naked London Dry Gin

Pigeon Fishers is a small batch gin distilled in the glorious Derbyshire countryside. Botanicals include red clover and meadowsweet, providing a sipping quality gin for real craft gin lovers.

We particularly love the striking Pigeon Fishers bottle designs.

Buy Pigeon Fishers Naked London Dry Gin - £25.00 (was £35.00) (SOLD OUT)

7. Best Citrus Gin
Grain Artisan Marmalade Gin - £25.00 (was £33.00)

Grain Artisan Marmalade Gin

The perfect gift for any gin lover, this a gin which is distilled and crafted with the love and passion Becky Morgan puts into every Grain Artisan bottle.

This expression of her award winning gin is distilled with Seville orange and lemon peel, creating a crisp and refreshing dry citrus gin.

Buy Grain Artisan Marmalade Gin - £25.00 (was £33.00) (Sold Out)

8. Best Gin Under £30
Faith & Sons Original Organic Gin - £25.99

Faith & Sons Original Organic Gin

Faith & Sons Original Organic Gin is a very unusual, characterful signature gin from their micro distillery in Manchester. Heavily fragranced with warming citrus, coriander seed, and liquorice, this is a premium gin that doesn't break the bank.

Buy Faith & Sons Original Organic Gin - £25.99

9. Best Herbal Gin
The Botanist Islay Dry Gin - £31.99

 The Botanist Islay Dry Gin

Distilled on the Isle of Islay, The Botanist has beautiful fresh herbal botanicals including mint. Serve with a few slices of apple to bring out its unique flavour.

Buy The Botanist Islay Dry Gin - £31.99

10. Best Gin for Cocktails
GinTing Berries, Berries, Berries - £29.99 (was £31.99)

 Gin Ting Berries, Berries, Berries

Award winning GinTing is full on berry flavour. This versatile gin is perfect in a bramble cocktail or served with a light tonic to let the botanicals shine through.

Buy GinTing Berries, Berries, Berries - £29.99 (was £31.99) - SOLD OUT

By Rick Stansfield

Rick is a highly experienced bar tender and National E-Commerce Manager for the Deckers Hospitality Group. With 18 years experience serving behind bars in restaurants, hotels, and function spaces, plus extensive experience with mixology, Rick provides the cocktail and serving suggestion expertise here at Drinks Aisle.

Rick is known for his appreciation of working with the best quality ingredients to create the perfect balance in terms of flavours and alcohol in every cocktail he makes.