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Our 5 Best Wine Month Offers

This October is Drinks Aisle's first wine month. A month dedicated to offering you amazing deals on delicious wines.

To celebrate, we've brought together five of our best wines from 2020, at some fabulous reduced prices. These wines are some of our favourites and best selling wines, loved by our customers.

1. Valdora Prosecco

Our first recommendation is Valdora, a light, fresh Prosecco with peach and pear flavours. This is an excellent quality sparkling wine from Veneto in Northeast Italy.

Valdora Prosecco

Perfect from every occasion, Valdora has refined bubbles, and a lower sugar content than many other sparkling wines, which showcases the flavour of the grapes.

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2. Rosato Veneto

Our second recommendation is a fun, fresh rosé from Veneto in Northeast Italy. This easy drinking wine has summery, fresh fruit flavours of citrus and red berry.

Rosato Veneto

Rosato Veneto's pale blush colour is obtained from leaving the pink skins of Pinot Grigio grapes in the liquid for a time as it matures. This also gives the wine a touch of minerality.

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3. Valpolicella Villa Barbaro

Our third recommendation, Valpolicella Villa Barbaro, is quite simply a great quality bargain wine. This delicious red is made from Corvina Veronese, Rondinella, and Molinara grapes in the region of Verona, east of Lake Garda.

Valpolicella Villa Barbaro

Valpolicella Villa Barbaro's flavours of red cherry and plum make it a great companion to rich tomato based Italian dishes like Spaghetti Bolognese.

Buy Valpolicella Villa Barbaro (SOLD OUT)

4. Bianco Delle Venezie

Our fourth recommendation is a lively, light but dry white wine from Veneto in Northeast Italy. Featuring Trebbiano and Garganega grapes which create an elegant wine with citrus lemon and crisp apple flavours.

Bianco Delle Venezie

Great served with seafood, or light creamy pasta dishes, this wine cuts through the cream beautifully.

Buy Bianco Delle Venezie - Sold Out

5. Bats Blood Merlot

Our fifth and final recommendation is perfect for your Halloween celebrations. One of our favourites, Bats Blood is a truly excellent single grape Merlot made near the Carpathian mountains in the historic region of Transylvania.

Bats Blood Merlot

All fang fun aside, this is an extremely good quality merlot with a smooth mouth feel, dark fruits, and a lingering vanilla finish.

Buy Bats Blood Merlot 

By Rick Stansfield

Rick is a highly experienced bar tender and National E-Commerce Manager for the Deckers Hospitality Group. With 18 years experience serving behind bars in restaurants, hotels, and function spaces, plus extensive experience with mixology, Rick provides the cocktail and serving suggestion expertise here at Drinks Aisle.

Rick is known for his appreciation of working with the best quality ingredients to create the perfect balance in terms of flavours and alcohol in every cocktail he makes.