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Best Lockdown Steak & Wine

We have teamed up with our good friends over at Deckers Butchery to bring you a blog post to brighten up the lockdown. We wanted to talk to you about one of their favourite cuts of steak and what we think you should be quaffing with it.

As one of the juiciest and most flavourful cuts of steak, ribeye is one of Deckers’ Head Butcher’s favourite cuts. As the name suggests, ribeye comes from the cow's rib region. Ribeye is also called cowboy ribeye when served with the rib bone still attached.

Our recommendation for a perfect accompaniment to a juicy ribeye is our Butchers Block Mendozan Malbec. Our wine range is carefully selected to offer you both bang for your buck and a few surprises, and one of said surprises is this inexpensive, easy drinking, rich, and delicious Malbec.

Created by Smithfield Cellars, this wine is well-rounded, full-bodied, and faintly touched by oak, making it the perfect choice with beef.

Mendoza produces 75% of Argentina’s Malbec. It is the region's most celebrated grape variety and a go to for many “big red” drinkers who enjoy its bold flavour, full bodied structure, and spicy backbone. This hasn’t always been the case. In fact, until 2000, when Argentina’s economy stabilised, the wine industry was really struggling in Argentina. It took 5 years for the improvements to bear fruit, but ever since, Malbec has flourished.

What can you expect from our Butchers Block? Well, it’s not a full on Malbec, it is a more subtle, nuanced, and gentle wine. The herbal notes on the nose are fresh and delicate. The palate is well-rounded, with plum and blackberry fruit combined with a hint of minerality.

Although we think this bottle is good drinking, what really brings it alive is combining it with food. A well-seasoned rib eye or a sirloin with pepper sauce would be superb. The key here is pepper. The heat of the peppercorns really allows the subtle spice of the wine to sing. The meatiness of the steak combines wonderfully with the minerality on the finish. These two are a match made in heaven.

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