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5 Best Wooha Craft Beers to Try In 2021

The craft beer scene has recently seen a rise in creative and vibrant new breweries. One of our favourites is WooHa, a bold and ambitious brewery based in the Highlands of Scotland.

We’ve compiled our 5 favourite WooHa beers to try in 2021. WooHa aren’t afraid to do things a little differently, so get ready to have your taste buds tickled with these 5 deliciously fun brews….

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WooHa Hop Pinata IPA
This award winning, bottle conditioned IPA is a 6.2% hop explosion! The bold, strong malt bill balances with spicy hop flavours to create a punchy and fruity slam on the taste buds. 

This beer goes with most things, but we suggest you give it a try with barbecued or smokey foods.

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WooHa Hello Friday Session Pale Ale
WooHa’s Hello Friday is a 3.8% session pale ale. Refreshing and easy to drink, it has a fruity and herbaceous hop on the nose and palate, with a crisp, clean finish.

There’s no need to wait for the weekend, you can pair this beer with anything you like – one sip of this delicious craft ale and boom, Hello Friday! 

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WooHa Northern Mischief Craft Lager
Northern Mischief is a 5% craft lager, bright and effervescent, it’s not overly hopped with plenty of strength to its spicy aroma and flavour.

The robustness of the three hop varieties is matched by a strong grain bill, to give a full and rounded mouthfeel. Try this one with spicy southern fried chicken for a delicious match.

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WooHa Jenny from the Bock Ale
Jenny from the Bock is a 7% traditional bock beer with deliciously smooth mouthfeel. A sweet malt hit is quickly followed by rich pepper and tannin notes from the mittlefruh and perle hops. This beer works very well with sweet, delicate prosciutto or other hams.

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WooHa Rauch N' Roll Porter
This rich and smoky 5% porter makes for the perfect winter’s evening drinking. It’s lightly hopped using Phoenix hops from the UK, but it’s the speciality German Rauchmalt that makes this smooth, dark brew deliciously smoky.

This beer's rich chocolate and coffee flavours are wrapped in a mouth filling smokiness with a smooth aftertaste, making it the perfect accompaniment to rich foods. Why not try it with warming beef stew or a rich chocolate tart?

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By Mark Dignan

Mark has 30 years’ experience working within the drinks industry for brewers such as Whitbread, Bass, and Molson Coors. Currently, Mark represents some of the best, smaller craft beer brands at craft drinks sales specialists, The Crafters.