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5 Best Pink Gins to Buy in 2021

Pink gins are incredibly popular at the moment, with more and more gin producers adding quality offerings to their gin collections.

Originally made with dry gin and a splash of Angostura bitters, now, the variety of pinks gins available is wonderfully extensive, with the pink colours, from pale blush to vibrant fuchsia, coming from a whole host of red summer fruits, berries, and other flavoursome ingredients.  

We love pink gin here at Drinks Aisle because it is fun, versatile, and often evocative of the summer - a staple of many of our favourite summer cocktails.

With so many quality offerings to choose from, pink gin is our top pick for treating your mum this Mother's Day. Here are some of our favourites, plus we've included some pink gin cocktail recipes and great discounts too.

1. Best Pink Gin for Gifting

Grain Artisan Derbyshire Pink Gin

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Grain Artisan Derbyshire Pink Gin is the perfect pink gin for gifting. We love the delicate floral elements of this crisp, fruity dry gin. Distilled with traditional orchard fruits, it is then infused with fresh raspberries, creating a naturally pink colour.

Presented in a beautifully designed bottle, Grain Artisan Derbyshire Pink Gin is available individually at the sale price of £25.00 (Sold Out) or, for the ultimate Mother's Day gift, in the fabulous Grain Artisan 4 Gin Selection Gift Set for just £85.95 (Sold Out).

2. Best Pink Gin Liqueur

No Name Gin Liqueur - Raspberry Ripple

If you love a classic raspberry ripple ice cream, then you will love this delightful gin liqueur from the No Name Distillery. Perfect for adding to Prosecco for a summery, pink gin fizz, No Name Gin Liqueur Raspberry Ripple features flavours of ripe raspberries and vanilla.

Buy No Name Gin Liqueur Raspberry Ripple for just £12.99 (was £15.49) SOLD OUT.

3. Best Micro Distillery Pink Gin

Faith & Sons Raspberry & Rosehip Gin

Owned and operated by Filipe Sousa, Faith & Sons micro distillery in Manchester offers a range of original gins, including their fuchsia pink Raspberry & Rosehip Gin. Free from artificial flavourings and colourings, we love how the sharp raspberry and floral rosehip combine to create this smooth and fragrant pink gin. 

Buy Faith & Sons Raspberry & Rosehip Gin or, if you're looking for pink but gin's not your thing, Faith & Sons also offer a unique and delicious pink rum, steeped in strawberries and raspberries.

Pink Angel Cocktail Recipe

Vigorously shake all of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker or jam jar filled with ice. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with raspberries or rose petals.

4. Best Pink Gin Under £15

Gordon's Premium Pink Gin

Perfect for the summer, Gordon's Premium Pink Gin is inspired by Gordon's original 1880 pink gin recipe. The refreshing Gordon's taste is balanced with the sweetness of raspberries and strawberries, with the tang of redcurrant.

Gordon's Premium Pink Gin is perfect for making a Pink Gin Negroni, a fabulous summer cocktail.

Buy Gordon's Premium Pink Gin for just £14.99.

Pink Gin Negroni Cocktail Recipe

Build all the ingredients in the glass with lots of ice cubes and a wedge of grapefruit. Stir gently. 

5. Best Organic Pink Gin

Tower Bridge Organic Wild Berry Pink Gin is made with only natural, organic botanicals and fruits native to Moldova, its country of creation. This gin has a lovely soft pink colour, great body, aroma, and real fruit taste. With no artificial flavours or sweeteners, this is a genuine London Dry Gin. 

Buy Tower Bridge Organic Wild Berry Gin for just £19.99 (was £22.99) (SOLD OUT).

French Kiss Cocktail Recipe

The French Kiss is our pink twist on a French 75 cocktail.

Add the pink gin and liqueur to a champagne glass and garnish with raspberries. Add sugar syrup to taste.

Check out our Gin Collection and our Mother's Day Collection for more drinks gift ideas and offers.

By Rick Stansfield

Rick is a highly experienced bar tender and National E-Commerce Manager for the Deckers Hospitality Group. With 18 years experience serving behind bars in restaurants, hotels, and function spaces, plus extensive experience with mixology, Rick provides the cocktail and serving suggestion expertise here at Drinks Aisle.

Rick is known for his appreciation of working with the best quality ingredients to create the perfect balance in terms of flavours and alcohol in every cocktail he makes.