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Pigeon Fishers Vampyre Gin 70cl

Pigeon Fishers Vampyre Gin 70cl

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Pigeon Fishers premium, oak-aged, Vampyre blood orange is our gin of the month and the perfect gin for Halloween!

Made in small batches by Ade Cole at the Cuckoostone distillery, Pigeon Fishers Vampyre Gin is infused with Sicilian Moro oranges, Vampyre gin is aged with Moro orange peel in American Oak for 28 days to give it an intense flavour profile. 

Wickedly packaged, Pigeon Fishers gin makes the perfect gift for serious gin lovers.

Pigeon Fishers Vampyre is premium, artisan, smooth, and delicious. Serve straight with a few cubes of ice and a slice of orange. Also works well with ginger ale.

42% ABV